About Declared


Declared is a coast-minded fashion brand born and raised in the 402 and founded by fashion photographer Amy Lynn. Amy started Declared with $20 upcycling and dying denim in her basement and selling them online. Through the massive support of Declared's customers, online bloggers, and celebrities, Amy Lynn was able to grow Declared into an independent fashion brand. In the just over two years since Declared's birth, it's been seen on the pages of Nylon Magazine and the New York Times and has also been worn by celebrities including Vanessa Hudgens, Hayley Williams, and Bea Miller.

Now together with her partner-in-fashion-crime Jake Thacker, Declared creates clothing and accessories with a streetwear vibe that embody the best things about girly, grundgy, and '90s inspired fashion. Declared is inspired by the craziest and most defining time in your life; your teens and twenties. At 18 comes your first taste of true freedom. No curfew on date night, no rules about acceptable times to consume ice cream, and only you to dictate any path in your life. They are years full of rebellion, adventure, love, heartbreak, mistakes and firsts. Declared is a salute to your wonder years. So pass the pizza, turn up that playlist, and throw another emoji on that text. We're young and hungover and we don't care who doesn't get it. You've found your new obsession. P.S. We're just getting started.